Update: February 25, 2015


  • Lighting fixtures are being installed on 3rd floor.
  • Ceiling grids being installed on 4th floor, followed by lighting fixtures.
  • Dry wall is going up on 5th floor.
  • The skylight in the Atrium is being installed.


  • Majority of brickwork is completed.
  • Metal panels are being installed.
  • Sun screens are also being installed where designated.

Update: February 20, 2015

  • Construction is on schedule
  • Exterior brickwork is almost completed
  • All glass, including skylights, is installed
  • Rooftop garden construction is completed
  • Interior tilework has started
  • Drywall work continues

Update: November 24, 2014

  • Currently, the main focus of construction work is “buttoning up” – enclosing all of the building exterior.
  • Face brickwork continues.
  • Glazing of the South end wall of windows is 95% complete.
  • Heat is functioning on 1st and 2nd levels.
  • Drywall installation continues on 2nd and 3rd level.
  • Permanent power installation is starting.
  • Spacesaver company has completed the High Density shelving rails installation.
  • Work continues on the window framing and window installation on the 1st level.

Update: November 10, 2014

  • Drywall is being installed on 1st & 2nd levels.
  • Roof work continues.
  • Brick is being installed on the exterior from the east to the west sides of the addition.
  • Window installation continues.
  • High density shelving rails are being installed on 3rd and 4th levels.
  • Installation of high density shelving rails is complete on 1st & 2nd levels.

Update: October 23, 2014

  • Fenwick Addition construction continues on schedule.
  • High density shelving tracks are being installed in the east wing of the Addition.
  • Whiting-Turner is working on overhead rough-ins which includes HVAC, duct work and electric.
  • Curtain wall installation is occurring on all 5 levels (south end of addition).
  • Face brick installation will begin on the East side of building on October 29..
  • Security system wiring installation continues.

Update: September 12, 2014

  • Thanks to everyone for their patience and cooperation during The Great Sprinkler Installation Project of ’14. It’s done!
  • Good weather = Good progress
    • Fenwick Addition construction is currently on schedule.
    • The “big move” is expected in January 2016.
  • On Monday, September 15, contractors will pour the last concrete pour for the building.
  • Staircases are being installed at the rear loading dock of the building, at the front behind the Café, and the main center lobby staircase from 1st floor to 2nd floor.
  • Framing for wall and windows is being done on 1, 2 & 3 floors.  Rough-in for HVAC, air ducts and electrical is also being installed on these levels.
  • The building exterior is expected to be fully enclosed by Thanksgiving.


Update: August 11, 2014

  • The high temperature hot water system will be shut down in Fenwick Library while new valves are installed. Hot water will be shut down Monday, August 11, at 7:00 am until Friday, August 15, at 5:00 pm,
  • Floor 5C and Special Collections & Archives (Floor 2C) are closed.

Construction Alert: Elevator Work

Construction crews are scheduled to work on Fenwick Library elevators August 4 – 15. The construction company will shut down and work on the Wing C elevators first. Once completed, the construction crew will shut down and work on the Wing B elevators. This job is expected to be completed by Friday, August 15.

Fenwick Library New Addition: Construction Phases Animation

Fenwick Addition construction phases & timelines (courtesy of Whiting-Turner)

New Sprinkler Installation Project: Summer 2014

Significant interior construction work – installing a new sprinkler system on each floor in the existing B&C Wings of Fenwick Library – will take place all summer in Fenwick Library. This new system integrates with the Fenwick Addition and brings the existing Fenwick Library towers into compliance with current building code. Current status and access information is online.